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Singer Sippy Gill escaped unhurt in a road accident in Canada

Sippy Gill is a Punjabi Singer, Actor, Lyricist, and Producer associated with the Punjabi Music Industry. Sippy Gill is very active on social media. He keeps sharing every update related to him with his fans. Punjabi singer Sippy Gill, living in Canada, escaped unhurt in a road accident. He went off-roading with a friend in the forest of British Columbia but his jeep overturned on the way. Sharing information about the accident on his social media handle, Sippy wrote that he had some scratches on his legs and back.

Singer-actor Sippy Gill has also shared a video of his overturned jeep. It is also written that a Britisher helped him to straighten his car. All the windows of the car were broken. He wrote that if the white Englishman did not come, he would have to spend the night there or walk, which was impossible.

Singer Sippy Gill has written on his social media handle,” Life is adventure.. te adventure ho gya khatarnakh… Ehe video Canada BRITISH COLUMBIA de forest di a jithe kudrat vasdi a … loka nu jithe downtown di bukh hundi a othe Mainu te mere yaara nu off-roading and forest camping di bukh. Kai kai din dunia toh door bina phone bina internet de rehan da swaad hi vakhra ..Garry te amrinder lake house vich hi Suttay rahay because amrinder nu dust naal nali lagg jaandia a te garry di neend kumbkaran wali hai,
par mere te satveer de offrading da jayda ubala vajda rehanda so asi dono savere hi nikkal gaye Sadi jeep offroding time ulat gayi so jithe ik goray ne aa k saadi help kiti .. latta atay chittard aalo wangu shillay gaye par asi dheeth fer v dand kaddi gaye Dasna bhull gya goray de saday nalo v vadda keera c oho patandar saday toh v aggay kitay Jaa k aya c …j ehe gora na ounda ta ho sakda raat othe hi katni paindi ja fer Tur k vapas help lai ouna painda jo possible nahi . Goray di baar baar ikoo gall keh riha c …I AM GLAD THAT NOBODY HURT Positive people with positive AURA … thanx brother stay blessed”.

Sippy Gill is a Punjabi Singer, Actor, Lyricist, and Producer associated with Punjabi Music Industry. He completed his schooling from his hometown school and completed his graduation from D.M. College, Moga, Punjab. Sippy Gill has learned musical skills from his Guru Surinder Dhir from Moga and started singing at the age of 15. In 2013, he debut his first Punjabi movie ”Jatt Boys Putt Jattan De” along with Isha Rikhi, Aman Dhaliwal, and Gugu Gill. Then in 2014, Sippy Gill came into controversy due to his song ’10 Mint’ become the topic of debate as the video used a Sikh Gurudwara as the medium of making an announcement to rob one’s daughter which hurts the religious sentiments of the society. In 2016, he came out with the second movie ”Tiger” along with Ihana Dhillon and later ”Jaddi Sardar” in 2019. Sippy is a dog lover and has different breeds namely Nawab (Boxer), Mirza ( American Bully), and Dollar (Pug).



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