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Nimrat Khaira Brother got married

Nimrat Khaira is one of the famous singer of Punjabi Industry. Along with singing, she is also known for her good acting. One of her video is going viral. This video is of Nimrat Khaira’s brother’s wedding. In which the actress is seen dancing. The video has been shared by the folk artist Malvai group on their Instagram account. Nimrat Khaira has also commented on this video and liked it.

Nimrat Khaira started her career as a singer. After which she also ventured into the field of acting and till now she has appeared in many films. Nimrat Khaira was recently seen in the movie ‘Jodi’ with Diljit Dosanjh. Apart from this, the actress has won the hearts of the audience with her excellent acting in many films including ‘Teeja Punjab’, ‘Saunkan Saunkane’.

Nimrat Khaira is in discussion about her simplicity. Some time ago, her album ‘Maanmati’ came out. This singer had many songs. Which was written by the famous writer and lyricist Harmanjit. Nimrat Khaira has played all kinds of characters in films. In which she has appeared in roles ranging from a village girl to a city girl and a stubborn girl. Soon Nimrat Khaira is going to be seen in many more projects. Recently, a video of the singer also went viral. In which the actress said that she wants a boy in her life who respects not only me but everyone. Nimrat Khaira has a huge fan following on social media and everyone is convinced by her sweet voice. She also performed in the Punjabi show “Voice of Punjab”.



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