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Cheta Singh Movie Review : A Must Watch Film

Desi Channel Movie Review

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4.5 Stars

Cheta Singh is a Punjabi action movie released Today on 1st Sep, 2023. Cheta Singh Starring Prince Kanwaljit ,Japji Khaira, Garima Shevi Mintu Kapa, Irwin Meet Kaur, Mahabir Bhullar, Baljinder Kaur and Sharanjit Ratau is directed by Ashish Kumar . The Story Of Cheta Singh is penned by Rana Jethulal. Main Lead Of the film Prince Kanwaljit Singh has written the screen play and dialouges of the film.

Cheta Singh Review , Cheta Singh Movie Review
Cheta Singh Review , Cheta Singh Movie Review

For the very first time we have seen this kind of action in a Punjabi Film with lots of emotions. Cheta Singh is a combination of emotions, love ,action and revenge. We must appreciate Director Ashish Kumar for the wonderful work he has done in the film .Cheta Singh is a story of unconditional love of brother and sister. Prince Kanwaljit urf Cheta Wants her sister to become a Police Officer . Cheta’s Sister also wants to fulfill her brothers dreams and desires. But all of the sudden Cheta went to a clash with the mafia’s of his village . And From here the story began. Why a caring brother became criminal, why cheta singh wants to take revenge. To Know this you have to watch Cheta Singh .

Action & BGM

The action scenes of Cheta Singh is marvellously Picturised .You’re going to enjoy it for sure since the action choreography was too fantastic and there were some truly heart-stopping moments. While watching Cheta Singh you won’t take your eyes from the screen .The movie’s BGM is undoubtedly a hit. Each scenario was well-complementary. When a masterful action is combined with a stirring background score, your heart rate will spike.

It’s time to wrap up our Cheta Singh movie review by offering some parting thoughts about the picture. Therefore, Cheta Singh is a powerful mass entertainer that features a wonderful blend of a captivating narrative, an magnificent storyline,remarkable action, an upbeat BGM, and stunning performances. Due to all of these factors, Team Desi gives Cheta Singh 4.5 out of 5 stars. However Cheta Singh is a outstanding gift for fans on the ocassion of rakshabandhan: A Story Of Brother Sister Bond. So If you’re a fan of Action Movies with lots of emotions, Cheta Singh is a blockbuster present for you. Cheta Singh is a must watch film consisting of full of Emotions , love , and action. Desi Channel recommend everyone to watch this film as its a Must Watch Movie .



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