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Facebook and Whatsapp Services down all over world

Here is the information about worlds largest Social Media network Facebook and whatsapp . Approx half an hour back means 9:30PM (IST) on 4th October 2021 the biggest social media company operation 2 major Social Media Platforms Facebook and whatsapp both stopped working as they are facing some major issue in the network.

facebook whatsapp not working all over world
facebook whatsapp not working all over world

Users are unable to use both the applications on mobile as well as on desktop.

Whatsapp and facebook both are very much popular amongst every corner of the world. These days Facebook becomes the major platform for sharing news , functions or even connecting with the friends and family over internet. Where as whatsapp became the first choice messenger and calling application amongst everyone as people can call anywhere in the world free of cost with the help of internet. Even whatsapp is getting used for video calls as well as conference video calls.

As both the platforms became the hot choice of people so right now people are facing issue worldwide. we are waiting for the update and hope the issue get resolve as early as possible.



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